About HipoBox
A short history of Hipobox from the idea to the creation of several existing services. We now have 100k + users. is a set of services for entrepreneurs and marketers.
Our story begins in 2018, then we launched our first product -, the service allows you to create a convenient Instagram landing in 10 minutes with all the contacts on one page, for 2 years of development there are 90k + users in the service (June 2020)
First version of
At the end of 2019, we launch our second product -, the service allows you to download photos / videos from Instagram. For half a year in the service downloaded 15k + materials (June 2020)
First version of
At the beginning of 2020, we launched our third product -, a service stock catalog for marketing services.
First version of
In mid-2020, we choose a new vector for the development of products - combining all services into one system and regular release of new ones. Now we plan to release one service every 1.5 months.

Share your ideas with us on social networks and we will consider the option of creating such a service.